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News Channel 13’s web site put out a helpful list of safety tips for motorists and others this winter during their “Winter Weather Awareness Week.” The article not only offers basic tips for staying safe and avoiding dangerous situations during winter weather, but it provides specific tips for motorists to avoid accidents.

By preparing your car or truck for the winter weather, you can help keep yourself and others safe on the roads:

A well equipped vehicle has adequate tires…Tire chains…Tow rope…Sand or cat litter for traction…Shovel…Tool kit… Windshield scraper and brush…Battery cables…First aid kit… Flashlight…Extra batteries…Blankets…Sleeping bags… Extra clothing…Candles… Waterproof matches…High calorie packaged food for quick energy…And an empty can to melt snow for drinking.

The best way to prevent treacherous winter travel is to avoid it. This can be done by staying informed about the current weather and road conditions as well as the latest weather forecasts. Information on road conditions in colorado is available on the internet at http://Www.Cotrip.Org/ or by dialing toll free 1-877-315-7623. Department of transportation road reports from other states can be obtained from a web search or by calling information.

If you should become stranded during a winter storm…Stay with your vehicle and do not panic. If accompanied by others…Take turns sleeping. Run the motor every hour for about ten minutes to maintain warmth…But keep windows open a little to prevent the buildup of carbon monoxide. Make sure the exhaust pipe is not blocked. Keep the car visible with brightly colored cloths tied to the side view mirrors…Door handles…Or external antenna. Exercise periodically by vigorously moving arms… Legs…Toes and fingers.

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