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Pharmacists Care Important to Patients

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A recent study documents that the quality of care provided by pharmacists is important to the outcome for particular patients. The study, which was conducted on in-patient conditions, determined that the involvement of a pharmacist in patient care is a valuable addition to the patient’s health care process. This is consistent with the obligation of pharmacists to do more than “just fill prescriptions”.

For many years the standard of care for pharmacists required pharmacists to “counsel” patients and take an active role in their health care. This recent study, published recently in the scholarly journal Archives of Internal Medicine, documented that pharmacist who take a proactive role in patient care can improve the level of care for the patient. The study concluded that the addition of clinical pharmacist services in the care of inpatients generally resulted in improved care, with no evidence of harm. Interacting with the health care team on patient rounds, interviewing patients, reconciling medications, and providing patient discharge counseling and follow-up all resulted in improved outcomes.

Based on This study and the standard of practice, patients would be well advised to seek pharmacist counseling and involvement in their health care.