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Shannon Weidemann

Kroger Sued for Charleston Slip and Fall

A woman alleges she shopping at a Charleston Kroger store was injured after slipping and falling. The slip and fall happened in April. She has filed a lawsuit against the company.

She claims…

Linda Snyder - Director of Marketing

CPSC Issues Warning About Falls from Windows

One of the joys of warmer weather after a long winter is the pleasure of opening your windows to let in the fresh spring breezes. But, letting in that fresh air can lead to tragedy in households…

Shannon Weidemann

Taco Bell Sued for Slip and Fall

A man has sued Taco Bell after he claims he fell on a wet floor at one of their restaurants. The slip and fall lawsuit was filed in January. The incident happened at a Taco Bell in West Virginia in 2006. Hailey claims he was injured when he fell. According to the lawsuit, Taco Bell should have known of the unsafe condition of the restaurant and prevented the accident. Hailey claims he…

Shannon Weidemann

Slip & Fall Lawsuit Filed Against Burger King

A mother has filed a slip and fall lawsuit on behalf of her underage son against Burger King. The lawsuit alleges that the boy fell in a Chicago area Burger King in 2003. They are asking for $50,000 in damages. The plaintiffs allege that Burger King carelessly and negligently maintained the play area and “permitted liquids and food to remain on the floor of the premises causing a hazardous…

Shannon Weidemann

Relay for Life Sued for Slip and Fall Accident

The American Cancer Society hosts “Relay for Life” fundraising events around the country. A woman who fell at an event in Madison County has filed a premises liability lawsuit. She is suing the ACS, the city the event was held at, and the school district. She is asking for $50,000 in damages. She claims the defendants failed to provide proper lighting at the entrance of the ladies…

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Liability For Injuries on Commercial Property

Chris Hill in Portland has a nice post about Commercial Liability in Slip and Fall, or Premises Liability, cases. While laws differ from state to state, Chris does a good job of covering the basics and talking about the responsibilities of business owners to keep their property clear of dangerous conditions.