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Darin Schanker

Colorado Teen in Need of Kidney Transplant

In the summer of 2007, Boulder teen Kelsey Crider was diagnosed with Medullary Cystic Kidney Disease during a routine pre-college medical exam.

Since then she has, due to medical complications,…

Darin Schanker

Department of Justice Hiring Interns Based on Talent or Politics?

As a fairly good student attending a great law school, I would like to believe I could hold my own against any other law student in the country. But if, before an interview for a highly…

Shannon Weidemann

President Signs Exemption Allowing Navy to Bypass Environmental Law

A lawsuit was filed to stop the Navy from conducting high-power sonar exercises off the coast of California. Conservationists believe that the sonar can be harmful to fish and marine animals. An injuction has stopped the Navy from performing high-power exercises within 12 miles of the coast. President Bush signed an exemption last week to allow the Navy to bypass the environmental law. A…

Staff Writer

Residents Opposed to "Super Slab" Transportation Corridor

Coloradans from Fort Collins to Pueblo are voicing strong objections to the “Super Slab” transportation corridor that has been proposed to be constructed through that area. Many residents along the proposed Prairie Falcon Parkway are opposed to its construction, citing many reasons including, a negative environmental, financial, and quality of life impact from the project. The Prairie Falcon…

Staff Writer

Veterans and Risk of Identify Theft

The AP has reported that as many as 38,000 veterans may be at risk of identity theft because a Veterans Affairs Department subcontractor lost a desktop computer containing their sensitive personal data.

Staff Writer

Fraud Settlement Helps Coloradan Consumers

An August 5, 2006 AP article details a $70 million securities fraud settlement that will help Coloradans who fell prey to a company that targeted military personnel. The Texas-based company, American-Amicable Life Insurance Co. reportedly duped 90,000 consumers, including 70,000 military personnel.”Sales agents misled military personnel to believe they could earn $1 million in 20 years if they…

Staff Writer

Congratulations Colorado Springs

We love working and assisting the people of Colorado Springs and a report this week by “Money” revealed something that we at Burg Simpson have known for a long time. When looking at factors such as quality of life and climate, Colorado Springs is an incredible city. In fact, “Money” ranked Colorado Springs #1 in the category of “Top Ten Best Big Cities in America To Live!” Way to go Colorado…

Staff Writer

Colorado Springs Energy Rates Lowest in Colorado

According to a report by Hispania News, the ACCRA cost-of-living index ranks Colorado Springs with the lowest energy rates in Colorado. A Colorado Springs resident’s typical monthly energy bill was $121.56. According to Edward Easterlin, an official with Colorado Springs Utilities, the low energy cost in Colorado Springs, in part, is a result of an effective hedging program that helps to keep…

Staff Writer

$2.6 Million "Fixer-Upper"

An industrial facility at 9965 Federal Drive was recently purchased by Corporate Office Properties Trust. The site, previously owned by Intel Corporation sits on an 11-acre parcel and during the early 1990s, housed Ford Microelectronics research and development center. COPT will spend nearly $3 million to renovate the 60,000 square-foot office and lab building.

Staff Writer

Bachus & Schanker, LLC

Bachus & Schanker, LLC founding partners Kyle Bachus and Darin Schanker have dedicated their practice to helping injured people achieve justice. They created the law firm based on the philosophy that individuals deserve respect and dignity as they encounter legal situations. Mr. Bachus and Mr. Schanker believe that too often lawyers are unwilling to take on wrongdoers represented by huge…