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Man Crashes Car; Survives 12 Hours In Freezing Temps

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James McLaughlin, 21, of Colorado Springs, will be spending the next few weeks in the hospital for multiple injuries, but he is happy to be alive after surviving 12 hours in freezing temperatures.

While driving down Gold Camp Road, McLaughlin’s dog jumped in his lap, causing him to lose control fo the vehicle. McLaughlin’s car went off a 300-foot cliff and landed 500 feet from the road.

"Then a tree hit the front of my car, causing it to go completely upside-down. Now that’s where I blacked out," McLaughlin told KOAA-TV from his hospital bed at Penrose.

After being thrown through his windshield, McLaughlin eventually regained consciousness. It took McLaughlin more than 2 hours to drag himself 40 feet to his car using his arms.

While he did make it back to his car, he was unable to reach his cell phone.

Eagle Scout survival skills helped to save his life. He was able to locate his survival kit containing mittens, a hat and lighter which he used to start a fire and stay warm.

Finally, 12 hours later, hikers found him.

Dexter his dog, suffered minor injuries and is expected to be fine.