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Icy Roads Cause Rollover Crash And 7-Car Crash; No One Injured

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Icy roads are to blame for a 7-car wreck this morning at the intersection of S. Circle Dr. & E. Pikes Peak Ave.

No one was seriously injured in the accident. Drivers involved in the accident said, “When there’s ice, there’s not much you can do to prevent a crash.”

It is important for drivers to be extra careful when the roads are slick, says Kandy Goforth, one of the drivers involved in the accident. Prior to today’s accident, Goforth had never been in an accident. While another driver, Joy Diller-Fair, says the only tip she has for driving on ice is to ease up on the brake. Don’t hit your brakes.

The other crash was a rollover accident on S. Academy Blvd. No one was seriously injured in the crash but it serves as a reminder that posted speeds may also be too fast for icy conditions.

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